Serving the Community

In partnership with the Riverview International Center, Rasoul Law Office has launched a Free General Advice Legal Clinic. The first legal clinic started on November 16, 2017, and continues on the Third Thursday of each month since then.

The Clinic was created to serve the residents of Riverview Drive, the surrounding area, as well as anyone in need of legal advice. Riverview Drive and the surrounding area are known for their diverse community with a significant number of new immigrants from all around the world. The Riverview International Center (RIC) is a non-profit resource center created to assist with some of the basic needs of both new and established immigrants and refugees in the Riverview Drive neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio.

At our clinic each month, we meet with individuals in need of legal advice. Each individual is required to complete an intake form which includes contact information, summary of legal issue, and income information. The intake form must be submitted to RIC prior to the clinic Thursday. Once the forms are reviewed by our office, we schedule everyone at different times between 6-8pm at the next clinic.

The service provided at the clinic is limited to general advice on how to deal with matter or how to resolve it. If the matter needs legal action, we may accept their case at our office on a pro-bono basis or with a reduced fee, or refer them to another office who may better serve them. During the past few months, we have meet with many people with all kinds of issues including immigration, landlord-tenant, personal injury, and domestic relations.

Our next event will be an exceptional one. We are collaborating with the Legal Aid Society of Columbus and The Vineyard Community Center for a Naturalization clinic on March 7, 2018. At the March 7th clinic, volunteers will be screening clients for Naturalization eligibility, assisting eligible individuals with the preliminary questionnaires, and scheduling clients for the follow-up N-400 clinic on Saturday, March 24th.

We hope to continue our services at RIC and to expand them in the near future. We would like to invite you to support the Riverview International Center to allow them to continue the amazing services they are currently providing to their community. You can learn more about RIC and contribute to them at the following website:

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